Monday, May 3, 2010

Brunch Lunch & Dinner

A friend recently told me her theory to why New Yorkers stay single and hold off on tying the knot so much longer then the rest of the country....there's just too many options! (many times the next better then the last). I guess that's what happens when you cram 8.3 million people into 305 square miles. I can frequently relate to her theory when it comes to restaurants. Very few times do I go back to a restaurant for seconds unless I can't get it off of my mind......I then know its worth some more exploring.  But very seldom does this happen-  there's just too many choices. I personally have a problem with decision making amongst other things so this really poses a problem. Next time you are having an issue picking a place to eat why not try some where listed below (my favorite picks from last week) and tell me what you think! Too bad there's not a place like this we can just pick out men...oh wait there is.

Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria
282 Bowery @  East Houston
Great for hung over brunch. 
Pizza lovers only please.
Pictured left. the breakfast pizza. 
(yes that's an egg on a pizza) 

Delicatessen. 54 Prince street.
International comfort food.
Cheeseburger Sping rolls are a MUST.

Kittichai. 60 Thompson st. 
Thai Tapas.                                  
Dish: Chocolate Baby Back Ribs with thai spices
This is one sexy restaurant 
(located in the Thompson Hotel)                                                         

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kenmare: New eatery in Nolita

 I can't say Ive been completely impressed with some of the "hot spot" restaurants Ive experienced in New York this month. I'm not sure what it is about some of these places. Do these restaurants get such recognition because of all the beautiful people that are pumped in to these amazing unimaginable atmospheres, or is it the simple name game. Some famous actor, model, or fashionista is a co-owner so all of a sudden its the place to be and you can't get a reservation for close to 3 months, even if you're Megan Fox. Have celebrities not made the average American look dumb enough. Most would practically sell their soul for a picture with c class celeb just so they could post it on facebook or their twitter account (immediately from their iphone). The fact we pay close to 5 bucks to read about these poor peoples fucked up lives and still strive for their lifestyle and take their advice from eateries, fashion, to clubs as fact is disgusting enough. Did some of these hot spots   actually once live up to their stellar reviews, maybe some restaurants really can't handle the heat at the end of the day. When did real restaurant reviews move from being based on real quality food and atmosphere to the name game and how many celebs are on the guest list? I truly believe the eating out experience is just as much about the atmosphere as the food but like any healthy relationship one should never over-power the other, life is all about balance. But hey there's light at the end of the tunnel!!! I finally experienced a great new eatery that had both the hype and a strong delivery. Kenmare, a new restaurant in Nolita, 98 Kenmare St.(between Mulberry and Center st.) would be my top pick for this months new openings. The restaurant had a great energetic atmosphere, amazing Mediterranean cuisine with Italian and American influences, and the cost didn't leave me contemplating prostitution for rent money.....Justtttt Kiddding I didn't pay & I'm homeless :) In all seriousness I would definitely check out this restaurant! It would be great for a first date the atmosphere will camouflage any jitters and this place will leave your date impressed- wanting more. We had basically half the menu- sharing most of the dishes, I would recommend the lamb t-bone dish, very tender. Though the master minds behind Kenmare do have an impressive track record, I would be a complete hipocrite if I name dropped right you will just have to decided if this eatery lives up to your New York standards. So if you want it all- top atmosphere, food, and reasonable prices (In New York lingo) Kenmare is the place to be.


Though I am missing relaxing on the beach separated from the every day stresses society, work and life throws @ us....I have to say I'm happy to be back in this crazy city with the friends I can't get enough of and the family I love.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting more out of your $$$ in the world of manicures

I like every other person in these times (a recession) is thinking of ways to start saving.....Let me refrain this (last night I made an excuse to stay at the trendy Thompson Hotel because I "deserved" to be pampered).... I like every other American have a personal responsibility to start spending smarter... (starting tomorrow)......This spending smarter trend will take place in every aspect of my life..Yes even in my NYC mani pedi world. Just because I am going to start spending smarter doesn't mean any part of my fabulous life will have to suffer....I promise no one will ever know..  Sure a new york city manicure may be cheap but it also does not last very long & I personally believe there is nothing more unattractive then chipped nails. I am surprised when I can go two whole days with out my first chip, and that's if I even make it out of the salon without a smudge or nick (major a.d.d). Sitting at the dryers and being disconnected from society a.k.a my iphone or blackberry drives me close to crazy…. Since becoming a New Yorker I have realized a few things...

1. Time is valuable
2. There will never be enough of it
3. New Yorkers always move fast....even if they don't agree with 1 or 2 ....

So if you are a true New Yorker you like me will have not only a hard time sitting and waiting for my manicure to be complete, but again back to the drying of the nails..times this by 3 times a week and you have done close to $40 in cost...but more importantly close to two and a half hours in waiting, drying and getting to the salon. But OPI has done it again...I don't know how but they are just so damn cool.  I swear I thought of this idea ages ago, but OPI beat me to the now they are much sweeter then me. OPI just came out with an innovative new line called Axxium, which is a soak off gel lacquer. This new line is absolutely amazing...They have a good amount of shades available but are still adding more each month. Before you run to the closest salon to get your OPI Axxium manicure I need you to do one thing- take a few shots of tequila, chase yourself around the block a few times, and then forget everything you know about a manicure. They put the polish on first, dry your nails in between cleaning them up, and then rub them with nail polish remover....but hey I didn't ask any questions. This new manicure did not take much longer then a classic manicure, though my nails were dry by the time I would have had to wait the extra 20 minutes to fully dry them, the manicure lasted 2 full weeks and only cost $10 more then the average cheap new york city manicure. Yes you heard me correctly.... not 3 days but 2 weeks! It was absolutely amazing! What is so great about this is your nails not only do not chip but the color grows out with your nails. So if you are like 90% of girls in America and have trouble growing out your nails; this gel lacquer will help you! I fit into the other 10% but hey OPI is giving you a chance to join us 10% so now it’s just up to you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

True Life: Im a mascara addict

Dior Show, Buxom lash, Benefit BadGAL lash, Dior Show Ionic, Dior Show Blackout, Bare Essentials Big Tease, Urban Decay BIG Fatty, YSL Everlong, Two Face lash injection, Tarte could say I've been around the block a few times or even take it a step further and call me the town bicycle (in reference to mascara that is). Yes I've tried them all. Some girls love lipstick, some swear by their perfume or even their bronzer, but my drug of choice is purely mascara. I go light on all make up, hardly ever wearing eye shadow and you won't catch me dead in eye liner, but for me mascara and conservative will never be found in the same dictionary- the more the better (if you're using the right kind that is).  Ever heard of the saying, "You never know what you have until its gone." Im sure you have crossed paths with it, for example when your BFF was dumped by her future hubby. Through all her tears you console her, bringing up the fact it was only after their second date that he broke her heart and cut off all contact. I mean she saw the white picket fence and didn't realize what she had until he realized she was crazy face and headed for the hills. Well I've also felt this heartache lately. My one all and be all (mascara that is) thats been through it all with me, thick and thin will eventually be discontinued. Though I would always buy Prescriptives Lash Envy, I admit I still dipped and dabbled in other mascaras. I felt bad from time to time but would NEVER classify it as cheating, more like having an open relationship. I mean I would always come back to my Lash Envy, I guess subconsciously I knew it would always be around.  These new mascaras like dior show blackout and Big Tease gave me a new fling type adrenaline rush, but could never take the place of my Lash Envy. This relationship seemed to be working out, I had the best of both worlds. Kind of like that guy at work..... theres rumors of an engagement though you didn't even know he had a girlfriend because, well he acts so damn single. Like all good things....they must come to an end. I am commonly approached by women with the same questions: Do you have fake eye lashes and what mascara do you use? I don't take credit but rather take a moment each time to rant and rave about Lash Envy, never mentioning the other flings. But after one women approached me recently- she nonchalantly added in at the end of the convo, "Oh prescriptives (owned by Estee Lauder) did you hear they are going under January 1st?" I turned completely white and felt my stomach drop, almost as if I found out my husband is a baby's daddy and I've never been pregnant. I had to know the truth and called up Prescriptives immediately....and Yes the blood work was positive my husband is the baby's daddy. WHAT NOW....I always thought my Lash Envy was going to be there, at least for my milestones, I haven't even celebrated my first born child, big promotion or wedding day (hopefully they will not be occurring in that exact order)...Now all that was going to happen with some fling! Sooo I did what I do best and started investigating (kim Kardashian style)...Perscriptives Lash Envy will be available in stores such as Macy's ect..until January 1st. The mascara unopened lasts three years. A normal person goes through a tube every 3 months for me 1 a month, but I could learn to stick to four coats a day or at least try my best. So all I could do was order a tube for every 3 months for the next 3 years. As upset as I am I guess I won't feel the real repercussions for a while. But that quote completely hit home, "You never know what you have until its gone." Next time my BFF asks me to come over to cry on my shoulder, I'll be sure to pick up some red velvet cake from Sugar Cafe and cry along with her.... because I truly know the pain she is feeling (even though they only had been on 2 dates:) )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marsha Marsha Marsha

What do i love more then a weekly classic New York $25.00 mani/pedi? Choosing between OPI colors based primarily on which name I like better, obviously. Lately I have been even more excited about going to the nail salon because of the arrival of the  new 2009 fall/winter OPI Espana collection. Might I add this line is awesome and I am absolutely obsessed with it, as are many other New Yorkers because of all the compliments I've received on these color choices thus far. This is 100 percent my favorite line yet. I have already tried Can you Tapas this?, Ate berries in the Canaries, Bullish on OPI and I am currently wearing Pamplona purple. One thing I really can't get over is this Suzi character though. I don't know if this name stands out, and erks me a bit because it was my ex-bf's ex-gf's name and know how that goes...because it's spelled like a stripper's name would be spelled for the classic Susie, or is it because she ends up as a polish in every OPI line. Who is this Suzi character and why is she so damn important! From crepe suzi-ette, Suzi & the lifeguard, Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, Suzi says dal. I mean I'm not even a third through the OPI shades and I'm already sick of her. Sooo I did some research and finally tracked down Suzi, thank god it isn't after my ex's ex, but after Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. Suzi comes up with each OPI shade based on the season’s fashions, beauty trends and forecasts. So I guess I can live with the fact Suzi is so damn important because, well after all, she really is...without her I wouldn't have my moments in the nail salon laughing out loud (I thought about it for a sec. and I'm going to try and start laughing to myself in the future) at all the ridiculous nail color names, and thanks to her I never get sick of all the amazing lines of shades OPI follows through with season after season. Remember to look out for the Espana line all season long. I hope you love the colors as much as i do.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What would a girl do with out mascara

Prescriptives Lash Envy .. Best Mascara Ever!! Highly recommend it, they are going out of business in December so stock up! (If you have blue or green eyes try the plum shade)